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Meesa Pedrozo, BA, MSA, LAc., EAMP

Licensed Acupuncturist | East Asian Medical Practitioner


Meesa is a skilled practitioner creating sacred space to access deeper levels of healing for the entire mind/body system. Her esoteric approach to healing provides a unique perspective paralleling her Western and Eastern medical training from Bastyr University, a top nationally accredited Acupuncture program. With an extensive background in subtle, vibrational energetic modalities, coupled with innate intuitive abilities, Meesa offers a comprehensive treatment that aligns the mind, body and spirit.


Meesa’s holistic approach to healing includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Low Level Light Therapy, Reiki and a revolutionary type of generational healing system called Family Constellations. She specializes in the use of sound to aid in disbursing stagnated energy both within and without of the field. Her personal interests in quantum healing have also explored systems such as Chios, Alchemical Healing and the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer: Ho’oponopono. 


Taking special interest in healing those who heal others, Meesa focuses on assisting healers—allopathic and natural alike, with their own self-care regime. She recognizes the disparity of health within the healthcare system, targeting those who provide care, first. Meesa has graciously been gifted by her community, the honor of being a healer’s healer.

my training

[in higher education]



NCCAOM board certified | 2019



bastyr university

masters of science in acupuncture | june 2017


university of washington, seattle

bachelors of arts in humanities | june 2003


[in energetics]



yoga teacher 200 hr

october 2020


alchemical healing

alchemical healing 1 & 2 | 2018-2019 

family constellations

facilitator training  | 2013-2015 (ft. Gary Stuart)

chios energy healing

levels 1 & 2 | 2015

reiki master

levels 1, 2, 3 & master | 2012

[in love]

first born son | may 2005

first born daughter | november 2011

my philosophy

as your energy practitioner, it is my greatest honor to:

protect your privacy

i am in compliance with national HIPAA practices. This means that I will not misuse your Private Healthcare Information and take all precautions to ensure the integrity of your information is kept safe. Energetically I also am in compliance with Universal Laws and operate within its parameters. This means that I will not complete any energetic practices without your permission.

allow you to make decisions for yourself

i am a firm believer in empowering you to make the best decisions for your health. we are a team and will work together to find the best and highest treatment plan for you. my role at all times is to keep the bigger picture of your health as a priority and assist you in any blockages that may occur along the way.

refrain from projecting any of my own beliefs onto your experience

the best part of my job is understanding that co-creating an experience during a healing session is entirely part of the unfolding of your greatest mystery. arriving at that place together, and walking in your path of healing, i am solely a hollow reed in which Spirit/Source guides the best healing for you. the healing that takes place is completely between you and Spirit/Source, and i help facilitate your connection.


i am:




(& you are too)


Tropical Plant

What People Are Saying

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 10.31.32


Meesa is truly a healer. She is absolutely amazing. I did not know quite what I needed, but I found it here. I left feeling reconnected to myself and sincerely whole, in a way I had not felt in a long time. I am looking forward to making another appointment to see her soon. I can't even describe all the layers of how she helped me, but I will be forever grateful. In all honesty this was a life changing experience for me, that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

                                -Jennifer Berg, 2019

Personal Statement

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