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Alleviating pain by balancing the body's energetic meridians and channels using surgical steel sterile needles.

Vibrational Medicine

Balancing our 7 main Chakras using tuning forks, tibetan bowls and crystal bowls. Accessing higer frequency healing.

Hands on Healing

Hands on Healing derived from Japanese lineage, charging the body's energy field with positive energy, inducing natural flow.


an opportunity to hear some current thoughts, from my heart to yours...

06/12/20 | Streets Are Talkin'
06/04/20 | Better We Must
04/08/20 | Pink Moon Reflections

Online Hemp Store

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Plant-based wellness has always been an ideal model for health in direct alignment with my own values, having been raised on a farm in Salinas, California. I wanted to offer a product in my practice that treated the root cause & spectrum of dysfunction that we experience mentally, physically and emotionally on a daily basis. After being re-introduced to the healing properties of Cannabis, with its notable comeback and deregulation in recent years, I was gifted a partnership with a company who's products and community aligned with my values and visions for the future of healthcare. Offering unparalleled, broad-spectrum hemp extract with organically sourced phytocannabinoids and poly-terpenes, this product's unique delivery system sets this formulation apart from the competition. If you want to learn more, purchase a bootle or try a free sample (s&h not included), please text me at 253/905-5848 with your name & email. Or click on the leaf above to send you directly to my personal store. 

30 minute overview with Dr. Leta & Meesa

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