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on parking.

(finding parking according to mobility, time constraints, and money)

we are located inside of the Harmon, on the corner of South 21st Street & Pacific Avenue, in the heart of the University of Washington campus. street level parking on Pacific is sanctioned by the city. metered parking is $1/per hour with a 0.25 minimum, with a maximum time ranging from 90 minutes to 2 hours. on-street parking is FREE every sunday. more information can be found at: 

  • if mobility is an issue for you, the Harmon is completely ADA accessible, entering from the ground level on Pacific Avenue. take the elevators up to the 3rd floor, our suite is located just outside of the elevators.

  • if time constraints are an issue for you, parking can be found behind the building in a public UW Cragle parking lot. their rates are a bit spendier: Monday to Saturday | 0 - 1 hour = $1.50 | 1 - 3 hours = $4.50 | Free parking on Sundays and Holidays. click on the VW van on the map for UW's parking rules. there is also the Washington State History Museum's parking lot that is just across Pacific. 

  • if money is an issue, parking is free in any of the alleyways between adjacent streets. when school is in session, it's difficult to find parking but sometimes there's luck in the alleyway of (big blue) 7 Seas Brewery, off of S 21st going west from the Harmon toward Jefferson street, on the south side of the street. it is a one-way, so you would have to drive in front of the hotel and access it over the railroad tracks. also, any of the streets parallel to Pacific such as Court D, Fawcett and Tacoma Avenue all are free, with 90 minute maximum FREE parking on 21st street. bring your walking shoes!

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